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Water is the source of all life.  Our bodies consist of over 90% water.  It is the single most important element to every living creature.  Clean water is essential to our existence.  As the years go by and populations increase, the need for quality water solutions becomes ever more evident.  Thank you for allowing us to be you water professionals. 

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Thank you for contacting us here at Fiesta Water Solutions.  Our goal is to provide the best state of the art quality water filtration at an affordable price.  We painstakingly research and educate ourselves regarding evolving water challenges as well as current trends in solving global water issues.  Our efforts are linked with the Water Quality Association (WQA); the international body that licences, tests and regulates water throughout the planet.  They have among the greatest scientific minds on earth, leading the industry and cutting through the facts from the fear and manipulation presented by many of the fly-by-nite operations who so aggressively perpetuate their frauds for lucrative gains.
We are committed to making sure each and every customer is completely satisfied, standing by our product after the sale.  In order to do this, we offer free service to all of our residential customers.  Below you will find a lot of information on the problems with our area water and the solutions we provide.  At the very bottom of the page, you will find our customer comment section. 

We offer solutions for residential, corporate, well water, laboratories, medical and nuclear facilities, and swimming pools. To schedule an appointment, simply click on the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page and we will have a water professional respond.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business.

If you are interested in additional trustworthy research, simply click this link to obtain the latest non-bias scientific findings from the International WQA:

                            Your Water and the Health of Your Family

If you have lived in one of our markets (Texas, New Mexico, or Nevada) for any time, you are certain to notice several distinct issues regarding our local water. Many people notice taste and odors in the water. That is caused by the large amounts of chlorine added to kill the bacterial matter that breeds within the local aquifer. As a result of this, many people choose not to drink the water and buy bottled water, or purchase some sort of point of use filter for their drinking water. If you have ever made a pot of coffee, many times you will note what looks like an oil slick on top of it. That is not water or coffee. That is a chemical combination including but not limited to calcium and dead bacteria. A pitcher of tea left out for a short time will change to a dinghy gray. That is not the tea or water, that is caused by the dead bacteria beginning to spoil. Who gets the task of cleaning the scum on the shower wall, the soap ring around the tub, corrosion build up around water fixtures and spots on drinking glasses and tableware? This same crud that causes all of your problems, causes dry skin, dry scalp, and other skin related problems. This lends us to spending a small fortune on hand cremes, moisturizers, and lotions.

According to national studies, the average American family of 4 without complete water filtration, wastes the following every month because of substandard water:
Cleaning products $43.86 Filtered water uses 80% less cleaning products
Clothing loss $33.00 Clothing washed and dried in hard water is destroyed
Water heater $2.00 A sediment of crud will store at the bottom
Energy - Gas $7.00 Not only are you heating the water but also the crud Electric $15.00
Plumbing repairs $5.00 Build up will threaten the life of you plumbing
Coffee, Tea, other $5.00 Flavorings with filtered water uses less and taste better
Extra Labor $20.00 Time is money when cleaning shower walls
Bottled Water $20.00 Bathe in bottled quality water
Total $150.86 per month for bad water for life 

                                                   The Edwards Aquifer
San Antonio area Water is derived from an underground lake called the Edwards Aquifer. The Aquifer is regenerated at several recharge zones throughout the area. Rain water is the main source for this regeneration. Along with water and oil from the streets,  herbicides, pesticides and other toxic chemicals all pass into the aquifer. Many of these non water components have or are free radical (carcinogenic) chemicals. Free radicals are molecules which contain a proton, a neutron, and lack an electron. When these free radicals enter our bodies they look for healthy cells and steal their electrons which continually reproduces and this is how cancer is formed. Along with the chemicals, many types of bacteria call the aquifer home. This water is gathered and chlorine is introduced to kill bacteria in order to meet “minimum” E.P.A. standards. When the chlorine kills the bacteria, the dead bacteria releases a fecal matter more commonly known as turbidity and discoloration.

                                                 More about Chlorine

Chlorine is used in our water for the purpose of killing bacteria. Where it does provide a solution in this matter, it creates a myriad of other problems, some possibly being life threatening. The US Council on Environmental Quality states “Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% greater than those who don’t”. Less than 5 % of the water that our body takes in is from drinking. Most of it comes in through osmosis in the shower or tub. In a hot shower, that chlorine transitions from liquid to vapor. In this scenario, this vaporous chlorine enters directly into our lungs. According to Dr. John Andleman, “A hot shower can be dangerous. Those toxic chemicals are inhaled in high concentrations.” 

                                      A Water Softener Alone is not Enough!

In order to overcome our water issues, many people choose a water softener as the obvious solution to this dilemma. Where it does provide softer skin and silkier hair, saving money and extending the life of your appliances, it does not address the heath issues that are caused by the chlorination of our water along with the free radicals and turbidity and discoloration. 

                                Free Radicals and the cancer risk in the American Home

Modern science has linked the growth of cancer in the human body to increase of free radicals.  Free radicals are simply unstable molecules which possesses a proton and neutron and either lack an electron or have an unstable electron (see free radical pic below).  They enter our body in one of four ways (eating, drinking, breathing, or osmosis through our pours as in bathing).  Once these unstable free radical molecules enter the body, they attempt to stabilize themselves by attaching to and robbing healthy cells of their electrons, thereby making healthy cells unstable.  This is how cancer grows in our body. 

                               Turbidity and Discoloration Linked to the rise of Histamines

Turbidity and discoloration possesses and is not limited to dead bacteria cells and fecal matters.  When the chlorine is introduced into the water table, it kills the bacteria.  When the bacteria dies, it releases a fecal matter.  This matter enters the pours during bathing via osmosis.  The pour closes with these foreign objects inside.  Many times makeup is placed over the pour and the pour can become inflamed.  Much of this matter is histaminic by nature.  This means it will alert allergens and can cause skin and allergy conditions.

                                                        The Solution

High Flow Valve

Your house was designed with either 1 inch or 1 ¼ inch piping coming from your water meter into your home. We will always provide a valve of the same size that your house is plumed with. A 1 inch valve will yield 18 to 21 pounds of water pressure into your home. Our system contains a high flow valve which capacitate high water flow. Beware of systems that reduce your pipe to ½ or ¾ inch which will also reduce your water pressure as low as 8 to 11 gallons per minute.

KDF Filter with Media Guard

As the water first enters the system, it is confronted with our KDF filter. This filter immediately removes up to 95% of free radicals (chlorine and other toxic chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides). It also filters out turbidity and discoloration, i.e. suspended particles

Top Quality Resin

Rather than using the more common inferior resin, Fiesta Water Filtration uses only the best quality resin which ensures longevity of use. This resin provides soft skin silkier hair and extends the life of your appliances. It makes your clothing last longer. It keeps your shower wall and tub free from calcium and lime build up. Your dishes and silver will stay free from spotting. It saves you money.

Crushed Garnet Media

Will catch turbidity and discoloration which would typically enter the pores which has been linked to raise inflammation of histamines.

Potassium Brining Tank

We prefer potassium over sodium for regeneration purposes. The brining process adds a negative ion charge in order to remove the mineral element which has been removed from the water. This tank will capacitate salt if you wish.


Water hardness and number of persons will determine how often a system will regenerate. Our new smart system will take 90 days to learn the tendencies of your family. It will wake up every morning at 2AM to take a reading. It will regenerate itself based on need. This will save you time and money. 

Reverse Osmosis

Many of our competitors simply soften the water at the point of entry and choose to use Reverse Osmosis (RO) at the point of use.  Because they remove no carcinogenic matter or turbidity and discoloration from the water, all of these elements along with vaporized chlorine  escape the water heater allowing vaporous carcinogens to be breathed directly into the lungs while showering.  More and more scientific research is reaching consensus that RO is soon to be a thing of the past for human consumption and is in fact is being outlawed in more and more locations.  Over a dozen reasons are given for the future extinction of RO's in the household.  I would like to point out 2 of the most significant.  Because of the RO process of squeezing the water molecule, it remains 90+% inefficient, throwing away 9 or more gallons of water to obtain 1 gallon of RO water.  Secondly the water that is produced, has a noted ph drop of up to 2.5 ph.  This leaves RO water at a very acidic level.  The natural state of water has a  a ph of 7 or neutral.  Acidic water can lead to acid reflux and many other issues and is currently suspect in the exacerbation of the multiplication of the free radical molecule. 
Why do so many companies recomend RO?  2 reasons: the first being ignorance and the second is the fact that it is so profitable.  RO's are in need of constant filter changes and maintenance ensuring reoccurring revenue for our competitors.

                                   Chemical free water makes the difference!

Get a filter or "be" the filter

Just a few of our happy customers

Thank you so much for going the extra mile and fixing our builder’s plumbing errors. We are getting the house finished out and hopefully we won’t have any more surprises from our builder. Your system is amazing and your service is even better. I didn't’t think it would make this much difference.  You got me with the free radical information.  As you know, I am a breast cancer survivor and this horrible sickness isn't realized until you have to battle it.
Thanks for everything.
Charles and Tiffany
July 17, 2007

(I would like to thank Charles and Tiffany for their friendship and rejoice that Tiffany is now breast cancer free.  Please visit her site at:  )
Dear David,
I would like to thank you for the great deal we received on your water purification system. As you know, we were contemplating between you and a $7,000.00 Rainsoft system. I was particularly impressed with the removal of the free radical molecules from our water. In our society we are continually bombarded with cancerous cells. It is wonderful to know that my family is safe at least in our home. Please feel free to forward this recommendation to any of your potential customers.
Dr. Frank Valentin
Pediatric Ophthalmologist
Brook Army Medical Center
You were really telling the truth David. I can’t believe I waited this long. My water, my skin, my hair, my dishes, my shower glass, my sinks, my clothes are all better than I ever imagined.
Richard Carino
Thank you for selling and installing this wonderful water filtration system. We have had a water softener in the past and the difference is night and day. At first I was skeptical because of the price, but everything was exactly as you promised. In a world filled with a lack of character, it is always wonderful to find the exception. We do have some donations for your charity as well.
In Him,
Pastor Johns
Hi David,
Your system is excellent. Anyone who is at risk of cancer or at any point in their battle would be well served with your system. The removal of free radicals is the first step in such a battle. I would recommend that you get in touch with UT Health Science Center. I have heard good things about the Cancer Therapy and Research Center associated with UT.
Dr. O. Bierman
Thanks for the system. Nancy says her hair and skin feel great. I think my wrinkles are going away.
Officer Dan Vega
(I would just like to thank officer Vega for his sacrifice. He was shot in the line of duty 2 weeks ago, and is doing fine. Dan… all of us here at Fiesta Water Solutions would like say, you are our hero. Thank you for serving and protecting us.)
Thanks for putting up with me and all of my investigation.  My wife loves the system, and when mama's happy, the world is a better place.  Feel free to use me as a reference any time you want.
Tom Jones
Music Industry Executive
Nashville, TN
thank you so much for my wonderful water filtration system! I love it. My hair is shinier, my sinks and faucets are spotless, my dishes sparkle, my skin is softer, my muscles are not as sore from scrubbing my shower.... I could go on all day! The best part is that the system gets rid of the free radicals. Given my background as a nurse, you had me hooked there. We already have so many carcinogenic things that bombard us everyday, it's nice to know my water isn't one of them anymore! The other great part is that you provided a better system to us at a lesser cost than any of the other companies out there- and we looked at several. You were easy to schedule an appointment with and were already prepared to install that day! It was a great experience becoming a Fiesta Water Solutions Customer and I cannot thank you enough!
Thank You,
Registered Nurse
Mr. Vigil,
Thank you so much for working around my schedule and trading in my Culligan for your system.  If I would have known, I would have never bought that.  Joanne is off of my back and says thank you as well.  I have several friends that I have spoken to who will be contacting you soon.  Please feel free to use my name for referral purposes.  I am on the board of directors at Texas A&M and have forwarded your information to them for our new campus.
Pedro "Speedy" Gonzalez
Vice President
Red McCombs Enterprises

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